By the end of the year you will find us in our new premises in the Hansa Business Park in Münster. Our new building is located closely to our old premises:

Kopenhagener Str. 11, 48163 Münster

All other contact data remain the same. Due to relocation we’re only partially available from December 17 to January 11. Thank you for your understanding. We look forward to doing business with you in 2019 and further our mutual projects.

Internet of Things Congress

At the congress “Internet of Things – From Sensor to Cloud” taking place in Munich October 25th, Jeannine Budelmann will discuss “Augmented reality glasses connected to ERP systems to optimize manual mounting of circuit boards”. As the managing director of Budelmann Elektronik (specialized in customized hard and software solutions), she is aware of difficulties during manual assembly. “Manual assembly of circuit boards is prone to mistakes on several levels. Sometimes it can be difficult to place the last component between two already mounted ones.

Small Quantities - High Price?

Mass customization is not only a trend in consumer markets but also become more relevant in business-to-business contexts. But how can manufacturers offer small quantities at attractive prices?

Key to success is the modularization of the most important components. This can mean realizing different basic functionalities with one standardized board. Utilization of cross-vendor standards can also help offering small quantities at attractive prices since single components can easily be replaced by compatible other ones.

ITL Trading Partner

Starting in spring 2018, Budelmann Elektronik GmbH will be Innovative Technology Ltd.’s (ITL) new trading partner for the French market. ITL is one of the leading cash handling equipment providers. Their range of products includes note validators and recyclers, multi-coin hoppers as well as ticket and coupon printers.

Apprentice for a day

“Circuit board”, “SMD component”, “wave soldering system” – all these terms as well as their meaning Abdul learns about today. The 20-year-old Syrian attends “One day apprentice”. The event organized by the Junior Chamber International Germany (JCI) addresses people from twelve to 26 years who have difficulties positioning themselves on the employment and training market and is part of the alliance “1000 Chances”.

Cyber-attacks on coffee dispensers

In his current column for Vending Management Magazine Dr. Christoph Budelmann discusses how cyber-attacks do not only compromise data centers but can also affect inter-linked coffee dispensers and vending machines. In issue 04/2017 you learn about which security measures for set-up and remote maintenance have to be installed to protect smart vending machines from cyber-attacks. Which operator would like his coffee dispenser or vending machine pay out the earnings or give out its entire content for free just because security measures have easily been overcome?